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While hundreds of companies employ Lean practitioners or Six Sigma Black Belts and see continuous improvement, few companies take the time to put the support systems into place that can drive true breakthrough improvement. Done by hand, this work can be arduous, time-consuming and complicated. But IQPM Consulting has developed a program that consolidates the hard work of infrastructure planning from many months into just a few focused days.

Initialization Coaching Sessions - A Structured Approach

IQPM's Initialization sessions facilitate the process of building infrastructure with a systematic process for launching, maintaining and measuring the success of any performance improvement program.

When companies emerge from Initialization sessions, they have a solid foundation from which to operate their entire performance improvement initiative for Six Sigma results.

Questions Answered by Initilization Coaching Sessions

  • How will you roll out and communicate the details of your deployment to employees?
  • What is the timeline for training and launching your program?
  • How many of each practitioner type and belt level will you train and in what period?
  • How will you measure your program's success?
  • How will the IT team support the deployment and what special programs may be required?
  • How will the leaders communicate project success throughout the organization?
  • Will you train internally, externally or a combination of both?
  • What sort of projects are top priorities for the company?

During the course of a three to four day session, a hand selected "Core Team" discusses, decides and posts answers to all of the questions BMGI provides in its proprietary eHandbook. When complete, the company receives its own customized eHandbook as the primary deliverable of the Initialization.

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