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Work-Out for Lean and Six Sigma Results

Work-Out is a high-energy, results-focused program that helps companies reduce waste and improve organizational efficiencies. Extremely effective in transactional environments, Work-Out drives companies to accelerate change by bringing management and process owners together to define and solve critical problems in a structured environment for Six Sigma results.

Work-Out is powerful because it engages cross-functional stakeholders to work together on core business issues. Company leaders help plan and start the process, but it is the front-line employees that make changes happen.

Using the power and knowledge of individuals from multiple levels inside the organization, Work-Out drives process improvement and culture change from the "bottom-up." To ensure program buy-in and success, management is involved in selecting areas for improvement, then reviewing and approving ideas for implementation.

Work-Out Helps Clients:

  • Define their most pressing issues;
  • Discover new approaches to solving these issues;
  • Universally decide on the best ways to proceed;
  • Implement changes for the best possible result.

Most of the work is done in breakout sessions to maximize learning and minimize distractions.

What Work-Out Achieves

  • Reduces non-value-added work that leads to inefficiencies;
  • Leverages internal talent to solve organizational challenges;
  • Quickly reengineers processes for better performance;
  • Teaches employees to communicate and work as a team;
  • Generates action plans for driving change;
  • Improves morale, working relationships and culture.
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