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Market leaders recognize the power inherent in developing new ideas, new products and new ways to satisfy customers. However, there are few organizations that understand what it really takes to develop a culture of innovation and to how to design a program that achieves measurable and sustainable results.

Deploying Structured Innovation is a powerful workshop for executives who are ready to move beyond innovation theory and begin developing a focused and practical innovation approach for future-proofing any business. This workshop will feature emerging strategies, tools and techniques from some of the foremost thinkers in innovation today.

Lead Your Company's Growth and Performance Initiatives

During this session, insights into the real world of innovation will be shared not just what the text books say. A roadmap for planning and implementing an innovation agenda for your company including:

  • How to create the awareness necessary to get started.
  • Assessing the current state and gaps in your organization's current approach to innovation.
  • How to determine the best approach for your company going forward.
  • Introduction to establishing an implementation framework.

This session will also incorporate deep dive discussions on these critical topics:

  • Team Dynamics for Building the Most Productive Teams
    Improve team dynamics by understanding how personal style impacts performance.
  • Techniques for Accelerating Innovation
    Gain new tools for ideation, selection, prioritization and implementation that will ensure your success at every phase.
  • Methods for Portfolio Identification and Management
    Discover how to build an innovation pipeline that sustains and evolves your business.
  • How to Leverage the Power of Open Innovation
    Methods for building innovative capability using the power of the market.
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