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Lean helps companies identify and eliminate unnecessary activities and processes that slow production and create waste. Using Lean, companies can increase production and process speed and agility, and reduce costs simply by focusing more on business aspects of their business that matter the most.

The concept of Lean is simple yet extremely effective. Companies in both operational and transactional industries rely on Lean to help keep costs down while maintaining a high quality standard.

IQPM's Transactional Lean program is a four day workshop designed to help Six Sigma practitioners and others in a transactional specific environment learn the principles of Lean and integrate them with the organization's current process improvement methodology to accelerate change.

What Clients Learn:

  • How to apply Lean methods to improve response to customers' time lines, quality and cost needs.
  • How workflow fits into The Roadmap to deploy Lean in an organization.
  • How Lean and Six Sigma complement one another.
  • How waste, value-added and non value-added activities affect process efficiency.
  • How to construct a Value Stream Map to identify areas for improvement.
  • How to determine Lean opportunities vs. Six Sigma opportunities.

Each participant will gain the individual skills needed to apply Lean practices at their work place and to recognize how this work fits into the larger roadmap for Lean implementation. The training combines lectures with exercises and simulations to give participants practice in applying Lean principles and experience to achieve results.

Course Length:

4 days.

Who should attend:

Managers, change agents, Six Sigma practitioners or others who desire an understanding of Lean principles.



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