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Large companies inherently have a great deal of organizational complexity that can bog down or dilute the efficacy of any strategic initiative. Getting executive buy-in, driving organizational awareness and finding ways to manage and track program results across the business can be overwhelming challenges.

IQPM Consulting is well positioned to help companies of any size eliminate these barriers to success with programs focused on building vision and a universal plan for rolling out and maintaining the program. IQPM Co. calls this the process of building Infrastructure.

Providing these guidelines is one of IQPM's core strengths and an area where IQPM Co. clearly stands out as a leader amongst its competition.

Larger companies often take advantage of IQPM's expertise beyond Six Sigma - into Strategic Planning, Lean or a combination of initiatives. The best way to get started is to engage us early in your selection process. Contact us for more information on these programs.

Example of Medium/Large Deployment:

  • Needs Assessment - formal or informal evaluation of areas for potential improvement.
  • Program Recommendation - Proposed solutions agreed upon and a plan put into place for execution.
  • Executive Training - half day mentor session between IQPM Co. and top company leaders to educate on the process and set expectations.
  • Deployment Planning - 1-2 day session between IQPM Co. deployment and select executives to align program goals with the company's strategic objectives.
  • Infrastructure Development - Three day workshop between IQPM Co. deployment facilitator and cross-functional team leaders to lay out the program plan in full.
  • Champion Training - Onsite training for groups of 8 or more, or select public courses for smaller groups.
  • Black Belt Training - Onsite with Online Support via the Wizard
  • Green Belt Training - Onsite or Hybrid solution is typically recommended.
  • Company Awareness eLearning - Select and implement online learning programs for culture-building and select skills training such as eYellow Belt, and overview training.
  • Onsite Consulting an On-site Support - as needed.
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