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Training: Facilitated Coaching for Six Sigma Results

Coaching sessions combine planning with facilitated action so companies can make critical decisions and see Six Sigma results fast. IQPM Consulting offers a number of sessions to help clients improve just about any process. Use them in conjunction with a larger performance excellence deployment, as a stand-alone program, or as a jump-start to any new initiative.

  • Deployment Planning Coaching - Companies that want to ensure a great start to any new initiative always begin with this session to develop and document the company vision for the deployment.
  • Initialization Workshops - Build the infrastructure for your initiative with this systematic launch and maintenance program. IQPM's proven method brings together a core group of cross-functional leaders to build the support and infrastructure to ensure success of your initiative.
  • Project Selection Coaching - These sessions teach you how to find and scope the best opportunities for projects in your business. Also you'll learn which methodologies work best for various project types - whether it be Six Sigma, Lean, DFSS or another.
  • Functional Group Coaching - These are detailed planning sessions for internal teams to unify policies and procedures for communicating, managing and tracking the financial success of an initiative.
  • Work-Out - This is a three-day active session that uses a "bottoms up" approach to change to help companies solve performance challenges and see immediate results.
  • Strategic Planning - This coaching session helps companies jumpstart strategic planning efforts with a step-by-step process for success.
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