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Until recently, Six Sigma was a luxury only larger companies could afford. But IQPM Co. has opened the market up for small businesses to take advantage of all that Six Sigma has to offer with affordable training options for just about any size business.

With its expanding list of publicly available classes and affordable eLearning programs companies and deployments of all sizes now have the chance to use Six Sigma and other performance excellence programs to their advantage.

Interested in something more custom? IQPM Co. can devise a program that combines on-site consulting with public training deployment to provide leadership training, infrastructure development and more.

Example of Small Business Deployment:

  • Executive Training - onsite 1 day
  • Combined Deployment Planning and Infrastructure Workshop - onsite 2 days
  • Champion Training - Public Classroom or Onsite
  • Black Belt Training - Public Classroom with Online Support via the IQPM Wizard.
  • Green Belt Training - Public Classroom or Hybrid Onsite.
  • Yellow Belt / Company awareness eLearning - 2 to 14 hours elearning available.

With this, small companies can realize all of the benefits of their larger counterparts.

Let IQPM Co. put a custom proposal together for you that will help your business achieve its more specific needs and get Six Sigma results. Contact us for more information by expanding and filling in the form on the right hand side.

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