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Deployment Planning Coaching for Six Sigma Results

Deployment Planning is the process of defining and documenting the executive vision and goals for a company's performance improvement program, then turning those goals into a workable strategy for six Sigma results. Deployment Planning sets the stage for how a company will measure success and how the organization will be impacted.

An essential first step for any performance improvement initiative, Deployment Planning is typically a two-day event, held between a company's primary Executive Sponsor and the Deployment Leader, and facilitated by IQPM Consulting.

Questions Answered by this Coaching Session

  • What are the primary objectives for the deployment?
  • How will you link corporate strategic objectives to performance improvement activities?
  • How will the organization support your goals?
  • What is the timeline for activities?
  • How large should the deployment be?
  • How will senior management be involved?

The session outcome is a well-defined executive vision that sets the stage for the company's next step: Infrastructure planning through Initialization Workshops.

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