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Consulting: Strategy Transformation

The need to transform your business strategy arises from time-to-time. New, competing technology and business models, emerging global competition, and changing customer economics and demographics are among the most common reasons. The list of catalysts for strategic transformation are vast.

Connecting Intent with Execution

IQPM strategy transformation process aligns business objectives and metrics in a coordinated, top-down, bottom-up way. If Strategic Thinking is the formulation of an ideal future, then Strategic Planning is the holistic integration of that future into a viable configuration for execution.

Our strategy planning is done in a way that optimizes the synergistic interplay of inter-dependent processes, functions, objectives, metrics, tactics, people, review cycles and operating systems.

Strategic Planning and Total Performance Excellence

In the context of Total Performance Excellence (TPE), Strategic Planning is a fundamental and perpetually ongoing activity. It ensures that the performance objectives of the organization are rationally developed, well defined, monitored and continually adapted based on communication and system feedback.

Ideally, the input to effective Strategic Planning is a strategic vision that has the substance to transform an industry.

The outputs of Strategic Planning are several fold.

  • Your leadership team is galvanized around a transformational vision.
  • That vision is translated into a tree of business priorities that are causally cascaded through the organizational hierarchy.
  • Metrics and accountability are attached to each objective at all levels.
  • Specific methodologies, projects and people are deployed to achieve the objectives.
  • Periodic reviews are conducted to refine direction and objectives, and to ensure execution to plan.
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