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Training: Change Leadership

Sustainable change initiatives are typically the result of superior leadership. IQPM's Change Leadership Workshop helps leaders learn how to develop the skills they need to be a positive change agent within their organizations and to accelerate the acceptance process internally.

The workshop is designed around a 12-step process for successfully planning, implementing, monitoring, and solidifying change. The process is research-based, can be implemented on a macro- or micro-level to support change initiatives, and can be easily expanded or contracted depending on the scope of the implementation.

The overall goals of the workshop are to enable participants to understand their role as a change leader to identify and develop concrete action plans for successfully leading a critical change effort and identify and "practice" key tools and skills they will require for effectively leading their change initiative, overcoming resistance, and winning support from others.

What Clients Learn:

  • How to successfully apply the Leadership EDGE skill set at an individual, team and organizational level
  • What is takes to build a winning team.
  • Techniques to proactively reduce resistance, win support and empower others.
  • Team tools and communication skills to handle objections and accelerate approval.
  • How to develop an action plan to jump-start organizational change.
  • How to build confidence to be a successful change leader.

This five-day class offers a proven process to support change initiatives and reduce resistance. Formal videotaping breakout sessions are conducted throughout the week with peer, instructor and self assessment.

Course Length:

5 days.

Who should attend:

Anyone whose support is necessary for change initiatives.



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