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The theory of inventor's problem solving

TRIZ is rapidly gaining popularity as a powerful methodology for enhancing innovation and creativity inside corporate environments. Research and development teams, product developers, manufacturers and service businesses alike are finding TRIZ to be a powerful tool for solving practical problems and building new technologies in their business.

TRIZ helps companies generate more solutions of a higher quality in less time. TRIZ is applicable to every industry and in every environment for the acceleration and innovation of problem solving. TRIZ is also used to improve the scope and strength of intellectual property.

IQPM's Basic TRIZ Training offers a set of tools for defining contradictions, solving problems and selecting solutions. Standard approaches to problem solving involve the implementation of solutions that are usually compromises.

TRIZ enables you to rethink the way you and your organization evaluate and approach a problem so that you can identify an ideal solution and avoid compromise.

What Clients Learn:

  • What TRIZ is and how it works as a robust problem solving methodology.
  • What the various levels of innovation and their importance to TRIZ.
  • How psychological inertia can affect problem solving.
  • How to identify and define problems in terms of contradictions.
  • How to successfully solve problems using the Contradiction Matrix Theory, Separation Principles, and the System Approach
  • How to create a function model of a system to identify contradictions and resolve them.
  • How to use key TRIZ concepts including: Zones of Conflict, Functional Analysis, System Constraints, The Ideal Final Result & Ideality, Utilization of Resources.

This program offers an intensive introduction to the foundational elements of TRIZ and provides students with an understanding of how to use them effectively to solve problems in a manner that is repeatable, predictable, reliable and creative.

Course Length:

4 days.

Who should attend:

Designers, engineers, R&D professionals and managers involved in product development or in process-based problem solving.



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