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Training: Design:: Design of Experiments (DOE)

Design of Experiments (DOE) is a complex but powerful method of validating product and process designs. So often, organisational experiments are carried out using "best guess" or "one factor at a time" approaches to determine which particular changes or solutions work best. These methods of testing can be time and resource-intensive and may or may not produce the optimal solution in the end.

DOE, on the other hand, guides experimenters through making several simultaneous changes or testing more than one factor at a time. Overall, you spend less time and resources doing fewer experiments and end up with better, more reproducible solutions.

Using DOE methods to improve product and process design

IQPM's Design of Experiments is designed for engineers, scientists, researchers and developers who are interested in reducing experiment timing and costs and improving results.

This five-day course includes an introduction to statistics, the advantages of fractional and screening designs versus full factorial and Taguchi designs, and an introduction to more advanced design approaches such as response surface designs and mixture designs.

What Clients Learn:

  • How to enhance product and process development through improved experimentation.
  • How to plan, design and conduct more effective experiments with minimal resources and time.
  • How to accurately track experiment results during multiple trials.
  • How to reduce development time for new products and processes.
  • How to improve process control for higher quality outcomes.

Participants will learn what type of design works best for the particular outcomes they want to investigate as well as gain an understanding of how to analyze DOE results.

Course Length:

5 days.

Who should attend:

Design of Experiments is ideal for engineers, researchers and developers, scientists and others who are interested in improving experimental results without prior or continuing knowledge of Six Sigma.



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