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Invigorate your planning process and your business with a methodology based approach to strategic planning. IQPM Consulting Strategic Planning is a two-day coaching session that teaches a "vision driven" approach to strategic planning; helping organizations align their mission, vision, values and objectives under a single unified plan.

This session brings structure to the strategic planning process. It teaches you the critical management tools and techniques to help you assess and adjust your organization's direction. It also ensures that all stakeholders are working toward the same end result. Participants learn the method then apply them to a specific case study.

What Clients Learn:

  • Identify what business elements have the most significant impact on an organization
  • Align new planning efforts with an organization's overall vision
  • Apply IQPM planning methodology to current decision making processes
  • Apply IQPM methodology to develop a plan for an organization's "ideal future"
  • Implement and manage ongoing planning cycles
  • Invigorate an existing process improvement initiative
  • Increase meeting planning and meeting results' effectiveness
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