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Our leadership practice is designed to help leaders identify the most effective ways to transform their organizations.

Lean Six Sigma Leadership

Focuses on helping leaders better understand and use the specific leadership competencies that will enable them to reap the maximum benefit from both Lean and Six Sigma, whether implemented separately or together.

Leadership Transition Coaching

One-to-one coaching for executives and other senior leaders making a major transition in their careers like taking on a significant new responsibility or joining a new leadership team. This coaching is focused on assisting the leader to quickly and effectively make critical transitions rapidly and without any loss of effectiveness or productivity.

Leadership Team Development

Assists senior leadership teams to develop the working norms, procedures and relationships required to cooperate cross-functionally and culturally in order to provide enterprise-wide vision, direction, structure and expeditious decision making.

Leadership Succession Planning and Counsel

Helps executive leadership and senior HR management develop/modify leadership succession plans and provides direct objective counsel and support to those making succession decisions.

Leadership Development for Professionals

Provides career path and training and development tailored to meet the needs of legal, medical, financial and other professionals called upon to provide professional guidance, direction or oversight within organizations. Professional leadership is a unique form of leadership requiring a slightly different sent of values and skills than does more general line leadership.

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