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For many years, IQPM Co. has helped clients address their largest business challenges. Whether the goal is to reduce costs, achieve long-term growth, improve overall business performance or maximize revenues, IQPM Co. has been there to help its clients build results.

With roots in Six Sigma and Project Management, IQPM Co. has broadened its capabilities to include a diverse range of performance excellence products and services. Every program is custom fit to our clients needs. We call this the IQPM Total Performance Excellence Model,which includes the following Six Sigma Quality methodologies:

Working closely with clients every step of the way, our Six Sigma consultants and expert trainers follow a four-step business improvement process that begins with goal setting and planning, follows through to program development and deployment, and ends with goal realization.

IQPM's Performance Excellence Process

This business improvement process may be different for large organizations than for smaller or departmental deployments, but the result is always the same - IQPM Co. helps clients uncover their greatest opportunities for improvement and devise a strategy for accomplishing them.

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