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The quality of project selection is a critical driver of the success of your initiative, and therefore requires the attention of the Executive Team and the Steering Committee.

In the first few months, identifying projects is relatively easy and can be accomplished in short brainstorming sessions with the senior team. IQPM Consulting helps clients uncover the wealth of information in existing data and reports to accomplish a more in-depth scan of projects and priorities for the pipeline.

In the long run, a sound Process Management System is necessary to identify the projects that really matter. The question is, when does this system need to be in place? We find that companies with revenues of more than 500 million Euro and more than one location need at least six months to establish a useful Integrated Quality and Project Management System that can guide project selection.

Institutionalizing Data-Driven Project Selection

Often, issues have plagued the organization for many years, and will be readily apparent when the data is compiled. Most firms use their business strategy and other operating data to establish a sense of the issues. Internal and external studies and benchmark data can further help to determine where improvements are needed.

An ad-hoc approach to project identification and selection is not sufficient for providing the number of significant, well-defined projects needed to sustain a large-scale deployment. IQPM's Integrated Quality and Project Management method can facilitate project selection, since it provides a comprehensive view of an entire business process and allows the pinpointing of those steps in the process that require improvements.

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