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IQPM's Lean Six-Sigma program for Manufacturing is designed to help practitioners and others learn the principles of Lean Six-Sigma and how to integrate them with business processes to accelerate organizational change. This four-day course combines lectures with model exercises to give participants the chance to experience how processes interact, and how Lean and six-sigma principles can affect an environment.

In the classroom, participants set up their own "factories," then use simulation to produce ideal conditions that allow them to meet customer expectations for lead time, on-time delivery, and profitability. Each Lean and Six-Sigma principle is covered in detail, using real life examples and case studies from successful Lean Six-Sigma implementations.

What Clients Learn:

  • How to improve customer response time and profitability while balancing issues of product quality and cost.
  • How to Lean any factory setting.
  • How to build a roadmap to deploy Lean in any organization.
  • The differences between mass production and Lean.
  • How waste, value-added and non value-added activities affect process efficiency.
  • How to implement a Total Productive Maintenance program to improve a company's efficiency.
  • How to construct a Value Stream Map to identify areas for opportunity.

Each participant will gain the individual skills needed to apply Lean Six-Sigma practices at their work place and to recognize how this work fits into the larger roadmap for Lean Six-Sigma implementation. The training combines lectures with exercises and simulations to give participants practice in applying Lean principles and experience to achieve results.

Course Length:

4 days.

Who should attend:

Managers, change agents, Six Sigma practitioners or others who desire an understanding of Lean Six-Sigma principles.



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